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February 2018


Amendments in the guidelines of the Estonian Accounting Standards Board

The Estonian Accounting Standards Board notified of the establishment of the ASB guidelines in annexes of a regulation of the Minister of Finance starting from 01.01.2018. The guidelines are applicable to reporting periods commencing on or after 01.01.2017. The main substantive amendments concern the guidelines ASBG 9 and ASBG 13. ›››

January 2018


Amendment of the Commercial Code with regard to the requirement for companies to designate a contact person starting from 15.01.2018

On 15.01.2018 the amendment of the Commercial Code entered into force establishing a requirement for companies to designate a contact person. An undertaking, including a foreign company that has a branch in Estonia, may designate a person to whom the procedural documents of the undertaking and the declarations of intent addressed to the undertaking may be delivered in Estonia (hereinafter contact person). If the management board of a company or a body substituting therefor is located in a foreign state, the company must designate a contact person. ›››