We are pleased to inform that Merili Pruuel, who has been working as an auditor’s assistant at Rödl & Partner Audit OÜ for four years, has been granted the professional title of a sworn auditor with the directive of the Minister of Finance of 11.11.2014.

Together with Merili, Rödl & Partner Audit OÜ has now altogether five sworn auditors providing audit services for our clients – Mart Nõmper, Erika Tikenberg, Liis Õll, Koidu Metsamaa and Merili Pruuel.

In order to apply for the qualification of a sworn auditor the applicant must hold at least Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent educational qualification and must have practiced at least three years under the supervision of a sworn auditor. Based on Section 24 of the Auditors Activities Act, a person applying for the qualification of a sworn auditor must pass the special part of bookkeeping and a sworn auditor of the professional examination, which are divided into sub-parts. At the beginning of October, Merili successfully passed the eighth and last examination.

Congratulations, Merili!