Stefan Brandes

Attorney at Law (Germany and Italy)
Phone: +39 (02) 63 28 84-1

Flavio Caggiula

Job advisor (Italy)
Human Resources
Phone: +39 (02) 63 28 84 1

Eugenio Bettella

Attorney at Law (Italy)
Phone: +39 (0 49) 80 46-911

Roberto Pera

Attorney at Law (Italy)
Phone: +39 (06) 96 70 12-70

Thomas Giuliani

Certified Tax Consultant (Italy), Certified Public Auditor (Italy)
Phone: +39 (04 71) 19 43 200

Rödl & Partner is a global firm with a network of wholly-owned subsidiaries across Europe, America, Asia and Africa. We have grown not through mergers or affiliation, but by following our clients into new markets and growing with them. Around the world we are able to attract highly talented people who share our business perspective, but also have much in common outside office hours.

Our business is a global community. We invest heavily in making sure that our professionals know personally as many of their colleagues around the world as possible, both within and beyond their practice area. We respect each of our professionals, helping them to develop their skills, using and stretching their talents as far as possible. At the same time, we give them all the freedom they need to achieve their individual goals.

In addition to accountancy, tax or post-graduate legal qualifications which many of our people obtain – with our support, in their home country and abroad – we invest a great deal of time from our leading partners and senior experts, as well as substantial financial resources, in extensive national and international training programmes.

Junior professionals receive comprehensive coaching in Rödl & Partner’s international approach and systems in our own training centre in Europe, the Campus.

Rödl & Partner is interested in candidates who are more than clever professionals. We look for mature individuals and personalities with the aptitude to excel in the informal environment which our offices around the world provide.

As an entrepreneurial firm, we value individual responsibility and initiative, and give professionals the opportunity to work in direct contact with our clients as soon as they are ready to do so. This requires both a strong academic background and the people skills of a true professional.

Selection goes beyond professional excellence. Our recruitment process is tough, reflecting the high expectations we set for each other as a community of entrepreneurs. Those we invite to join Rödl & Partner are set for a personal and professional development that many other firms would find hard to match.


1 Praticante Consulente del Lavoro o Neoabilitato con ottimo tedesco (M/F) Rif: Prat. CdL_ted MI Detail
1 Giovane Praticante Tax (M/F) con ottimo tedesco Rif.: Praticante Tax DE MI 2018 Detail
1 Dottore Commercialista (m/f) Rif: Tax German 2018 MI Detail (in Italiano)
Detail (auf Deutsch)


1 Project manager - Business Developer (m/f) Rif: BusinessDev_Pr.Mg. 04/2018 PD Detail
1 Avvocato junior litigation (m/f) Rif: Avv.Lit.Junior 01/2018 PD Detail
1 Avvocato energy e real estate (m/f) Rif: – 08/2017 PD Detail
1 Avvocato contrattualista con ottimo tedesco (m/f) Rif: Avv.Contr.ted. – 12/2014 PD Detail
1 Praticante Dottore Commercialista (m/f) Rif: Prat.Comm. – 03/2018 PD Detail


1 Segretaria (m/f) Rif: Segr/Roma_2018 Detail
Avvocati e praticanti avvocati con ottimo tedesco Rif: Avv_Prat_Ted_2018 Detail
1 giovane commercialista o praticante con conoscenza dell'inglese (m/f) Rif: TAX_TED_2018 Detail



1 Junior Auditor (M/F) Rif. JUNIOR AUDITOR 2018 Detail
1 Senior Auditor (m/f) Rif. SENIOR AUDITOR 2018 Detail


Possibilities, trainings and self initiative are some of the most important keywords for your career at Rödl & Partner.

If you don’t find anything new under our Job opportunities, but you want to get to know Rödl & Partner, don’t hesitate!

If you wish to send your CV, please write an e-mail to the folllowing addresses:

Milan - job‎‎@‎‎

Padua - jobpadova‎@‎

Rome - jobroma‎@‎ 

Bozen - JobBozen‎@‎

Prospective candidates are always welcome!