Stefan Brandes

Attorney at Law (Germany and Italy)
Phone: +39 (02) 63 28 84-1

Eugenio Bettella

Attorney at Law (Italy)
Phone: +39 (0 49) 80 46-911

Roberto Pera

Attorney at Law (Italy)
Phone: +39 (06) 96 70 12-70

Thomas Giuliani

Certified Tax Consultant (Italy), Certified Public Auditor (Italy)
Phone: +39 (04 71) 19 43 200

Flavio Caggiula

Job advisor (Italy)
Human Resources
Phone: +39 (02) 63 28 84 1

Rödl & Partner provides audit, accounting, tax, legal and business consulting services for international businesses. A lot of of our clients are privately held, often family-owned companies with substantial international investments. Many have subsidiaries and projects around the world. Our clients look for an integrated, cost-effective solution to cover all administrative and regulatory aspects of their international investments. It’s our mission to provide this comprehensive service.

See one of the areas below to discover the benefits we can offer you.


  • commercial law
  • corporate law
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • banking and finance law
  • restructuring & insolvency
  • german desk
  • labour law
  • commercial law
  • administrative law
  • food law
  • pharmaceutical and medicine device law
  • intellectual property and copyright law
  • real estate
  • energy
  • e-commerce, media and IT-Law
  • product liability and insurance law
  • property management


  • international conventions on double taxation
  • international VAT
  • tax aspects of extraordinary corporate transactions
  • resolution of transfer pricing issues
  • taxation of expatriates
  • creation of trusts
  • tax optimisation of real estate transactions
  • recognition of national tax status
  • analysis of transactions and shareholdings involving countries with a preferential tax status
  • taxation of permanent organisations and Italian associates


  • accounting valuations
  • financial due diligence
  • mergers and acquisitions advisory (buy and sell)
  • post deal services
  • private equity advice
  • privatisation advice
  • tax valuations


  • financial statement audit
  • national and foreign GAAP reporting
  • IFRS reporting
  • independent controls & systems process assurance
  • internal audit
  • regulatory compliance and reporting
  • corporate reporting improvement

Labour consultancy

  • advice and assistance with the management of employed and semi-employed staff
  • preparation of pay slips and related forms
  • computerised attendance management
  • management of relations with pensions and social security agencies
  • analysis of employee costs
  • tax advice when preparing the 730 form
  • management of redundancies, CIG, CIGS and mobility procedures
  • trade union relations
  • technical accounting support during litigation checks and settlement of social security irregularities
  • advice and support on workplace health and safety matters
  • assistance with foreign employee secondment procedures and with obtaining work

Business Process Outsourcing

  • general and analytical accounting
  • computer-aided asset management
  • cash management (e.g. bills payable and receivable book, withholding taxes, VAT)
  • debt collection procedures
  • drawing up financial and economic reports for management or the parent company
  • drawing up of financial statements