Francesco Bocci

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Roberto Pera

Phone: +39 (06) 96 70 12-70

Thomas Giuliani

Phone: +39 (04 71) 19 43 200

Our clients often prefer focusing on their core business and entrusting us with the management of all their administrative and accounting processes such as:

  • general and analytical accounting
  • computer-aided asset management
  • cash management (e.g. bills payable and receivable book, withholding taxes, VAT)
  • debt collection procedures
  • drawing up financial and economic reports for the Management or the parent company
  • drawing up the financial statements

Our accountants are fluent in English or German and are continuously supported by chartered accountants, auditors and lawyers as far as more complex issues are concerned.

Accounts processing is performed with the help of several advanced multilingual software tools (AD HOC, DATEV, SAP R3, ORACLE) that enable the processing of data and information also useful to operations management. Wherever possible, we work out and realize the automation of basic and repetitive operations, and are thus able to handle even a great number of transactions with an optimum use of resources.

Upon a simple request, clients can access their accounts online at any time to view and print accounting data. Reports and balance sheets are drawn up also in English and German.