Alessandro Borelli

Attorney at Law (Italy)
Phone: +39 (02) 63 28 84-1

Nadia Martini

Attorney at Law (Italy)
Associate Partner
Phone: +39 (02) 6328841

As never before, protection of industrial and intellectual property represents a competitive resource in global market challenges for companies. The excellent results that can be obtained on a national and international level through the enforcement of industrial property rights allow companies to effectively enhance their own intangible assets, both in Italy and in countries where most of the world output is now based.

Our firm has developed excellent expertise in the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights.

The IP department is able to offer its own clients dedicated legal aid and consultancy both in and out of court.

Our IP department aids both Italian and foreign clients:

  • in all ordinary and preventive disputes relating to the validity and infringement of industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, design, utility models)
  • in disputes relating to unfair competition, know-how and copyright
  • concerning customs through protections offered by national and community law
  • out of court, for all contracts relating to the sale, licence and transfer of industrial property rights
  • when exporting products and technology in developing countries, by protecting intangible assets, also directly on the spot, thanks to the international network of Studi Rödl & Partner worldwide