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In April 2011, a new survey commissioned by Rödl & Partner garnered the opinions of 100 senior M&A professionals from across the globe who are directly involved in the renewable energy sector and asked their opinions on the key challenges and opportunities that exist in the market, as well as the M&A outlook over the coming year.

Dr. Marcus Felsner, Partner of Rödl & Partner, commented on the findings: ““The renewables industry has established itself as a major pillar of global economic growth. Given the dynamic of events earlier this year, the commercial, political and social drive for fossil fuel independence has only further empowered investors, big and small. High transaction activity in this promising sector – both in developed and emerging markets – is poised to continue well into the future.”

To receive a copy of the exclusive report free of charge, please send us an E-Mail to info‎@‎, with the subject line “Yes to report 2011”.

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