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The life science sector is a strongly growing economic sector in Lithuania and currently represents 1% of the GDP. According to the Minister of Economy Virginijus Sinkevičius this sector is expected to account for 5% of GDP in ten years, which was able to announce a positively growing trend during the fourth Life Science Baltics Conference in Vilnius, which was attended by over 1,500 different industrial companies from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

Distortion of a Growing Life Science Economy in Lithuania (Virginijus Sinkevičius, Minister of Economy)

Life Sciences Baltics

The biennial Life Science Baltics Conference brings together scientists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, start-ups and students from over 30 different countries to the only international forum in the Baltic States for first-class life science experts from all over the world. The aim of the conference is to bring the Baltic life science industry to the forefront of global understanding and to raise awareness of the incredible talents and potential of the region by networking and sharing best practices with the world's leading life science companies. The conference is divided into five sections: Conference, international exhibition, B2B meeting, start-up programs and networking events. Rödl & Partner was involved as sponsor, expert and contact person for the promotion and development of start-ups and young companies in the field of life sciences.

“successful together” - Rödl & Partner as sponsor and part of LSB 2018 


In a total of four conference halls, the role of digitisation and new technologies to improve health care were discussed throughout the day. Presentations on major topics, such as digitisation to strengthen health care, were held structurally, as well as on topics with individual subsequent presentations, such as various topics on diagnostic technologies.

Industrial companies, scientists and politicians presented the innovations and challenges in life sciences.

International Exhibitions

The exhibition is dedicated to present the most progressive companies in the industry and offers all exhibitors and visitors an excellent opportunity to experience the winning mix of industry participants, including global partner manufacturers and service providers, from a single source. The Baltic States in particular represented over 50% of the presentations, which were completed by various European, Israeli and American companies.

The latest technologies and innovations were presented at the international exhibition

B2B and Networking

In addition, LSB enables participants to attend individual business meetings to discuss the potential of new products, technologies, services, businesses, research collaborations, etc. For these B2B meetings a portal for registration is provided on the main page, so that an exact planning of the business meetings can be set and the right contact persons can be found. This portal helps participating entrepreneurs and start-ups to network with life science specialists for the coming years.

Masterclasses for start-ups

Before the LSB conference, Baltic start-ups and young entrepreneurs from non-EU countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia were offered a two-day intensive training session. In this training, participants learned from experts how to build a profitable business, gain an understanding of product marketing, learn the basics of intellectual property protection and much more. During the masterclasses Rödl & Partner helped the young entrepreneurs and start-ups to learn the basics of entrepreneurship as well as to deepen their advanced knowledge of healthcare. Ms. Inese Kalnāja-Zelča - Latvian and European Trademark and Design Attorney at Rödl & Partner - presented the most important basic knowledge for a company to optimally protect its intellectual property. In addition, the main new European data protection rules and their impact on public health were highlighted and explained to the participants by Mr. Nicolò Maria Salvi - Junior associate counsel at Rödl & Partner -.

From Idea to IP (by Inese Kalnāja-Zelča, Rödl & Partner Latvia)

Healthcare and Datacare (by Nicolò Maria Salvi, Rödl & Partner Italy)
After the masterclasses, ten start-ups had the opportunity to present their ideas and innovations to investors and the public. This Pitch Challenge was judged by a jury of investors, professors and other life science specialists. The winner of the Pitch Challenge received a one-year mentorship from Johnson & Johnson Innovation, a one-week learning program from Akron BioMedical Corridor. It was a great pleasure for Rödl & Partner to provide the second place winner with free legal advice to support and promote the start-up.

The Start-up “Alternative Plants” receives free legal advice from Rödl & Partner as runner-up

Advice on life sciences law

As a fast-growing economic sector, the life sciences have become an important factor in the free market economy, which poses great challenges especially for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Rödl & Partner provides legal advice to help you establish yourself in the market.
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