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This webpage is dedicated to all events organised by Rödl & Partner, as well as events arranged in co-operation with external companies. Rödl & Partner participates in seminars, conferences and fairs for clients and potential employees.

October 2018

25/10/2018 | Poznan

Practical aspects of GDPR in the HR realm and the most recent changes to labour laws Poznan 25.10.2018


Practical aspects of GDPR in the HR realm
- employees' consents
- processing sensitive data
- employee monitoring
- Company Social Benefits Fund
- personnel files

11.30–12.45 coffee break

Changes to labour laws in 2019
- digitalisation of personnel files
- employee capital plans
- major changes to the Trade Unions Act (new definitions of a company trade union organisation and a representative trade union)

13.45 – 14.30 Get together ›››

July 2018

11/7/2018 | Düsseldorf

Investing in renewable energy in Poland – opportunities and challenges

The “Investing in renewable energy in Poland – opportunities and challenges” workshop will be held in Düsseldorf on 11 July. Our speaker will present current Polish legal and tax regulations regarding this area and will discuss the already completed as well as the anticipated renewable energy auction rounds. The event is addressed to German enterprises interested in investing in RES in Poland. The workshop will be led by Piotr Mrowiec, Associate Partner at Rödl & Partner. ›››

April 2018

14.4.2018 | Warsaw

Transfer pricing - checks in practice

Agenda: Transfer pricing - checks in practice

10:00 – 10:15
Registration, welcome coffee
10:15 – 11:30
Economic analysis – benchmarking as a risk mitigation method?
Transfer pricing methods – how to use them in practice, advantages and disadvantages of individual methods, which are the most popular?
11:30 – 11:45
Coffee break
11:45 – 13:00
Practical examples of transfer pricing calculations
13:00 – 13:15
Coffee break
13:15 – 14:45
Functional analysis – what to account for?
Transactions of one type – what does it mean and may transactions be aggregated?
Transaction values vs. transaction limits, net or gross?
New requirements:
The statement – what should it look like? What are the penalties if it is missing?
CIT TP – what is it for?
Local File – most common mistakes, what the authorities challenge most often?
Master File?
14:45 – 16:00
Get-together and cold buffet ›››

March 2018

22.3.2018 | Warsaw

Compliance Management System

09:00 Registration and breakfast
09:30 GDPR in practice – where to start?
10:00 Business check – VAT in terms of customer verification and split payment.
10:30 Counteracting money laundering.
11:00 Corporate anti-corruption policies and whistleblower protection.
11:30 Trade secret protection. ›››

February 2018

December 2017

October 2017

27/10/2017 Poznan

Let's meet at Rödl & Partner in Poznan

Specially for you we will discuss three up-to-date topics:

> Criminal tax liability for the so-called "invoice fraud" after amendments of 2017
> Compliance as a risk management tool
> Transfer pricing laws in effect since 2017. ›››

May 2017

17/5/2017 | Warsaw

Road transport package – implications for sellers, buyers and carriers of goods

Details of tutorial "Road transport package – implications for sellers, buyers and carriers of goods"

Part I. Supplies of goods to be monitored
> overview of sensitive goods
> quantities exempt from monitoring
> exceptions

Part II. Obligations under the act on the monitoring of road transport of sensitive goods and penalties for defaults
> seller's obligations
> buyer's obligations
> carrier's obligations
> SENT system
> penalties for infringing the act

Organised by: Rödl & Partner ›››

February 2017

23.2.2017 | Warsaw

European data protection reform

Details of tutorial "European data protection reform"

1. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
GDPR's applicability to Polish businesses
Overview of key new mechanisms and changes

2. GDPR's implications for Polish businesses
the Data Protection Officer and his new duties in the light of the new guidelines of the Working Group Article 29
the right to transfer data and the function of the leading supervisory authority in the light of the new guidelines of the Working Group Article 29
outsourcing of personal data processing under GDPR
Business liability for breach of GDPR's provisions

Organised by: Rödl & Partner ›››

15.2.2017 | Poznan

Changes in VAT in Poland in 2017

Details of tutorial "Changes in VAT in Poland in 2017"

Part 1
VAT payer status – registration and deletion
New rules of joint and several liability of the purchaser
Reverse charge in construction services
Input tax and reverse charge
Changes to the determination of the taxable base in certain situations
VAT refund to bank account

Part 2
Tax return filing rules
New VAT record keeping models
Sanctions under the VAT Act
Sanctions under the Penal Fiscal Code and the Criminal Code in the context of the value added tax
Other changes

Organised by: Rödl & Partner ›››

7.2.2017 | Gdansk

Important changes in laws and taxes in Poland in 2017

Details of tutorial "Changes in laws and taxes in Poland in 2017"

Part I. Overview of selected changes in law in 2017 (legislative package: "100 changes for business") with focus on:

Labour law in Poland (e.g. minimum monthly and hourly wage)
Contract law in Poland (obligatory recording of working hours in a contract of mandate or contract for services, exemptions)
Civil law in Poland (e.g. flawed joint commercial power of attorney (prokura łączna niewłaściwa), Saturday as the last day of deadline)
Corporate law in Poland (e.g. inspections of enterprises)
Companies in Poland (e.g. improved transparency in the case of conflicting interests, better protection of minority shareholders, new rules of determination and payment of dividend)

Part II. Selected changes in income taxes in Poland

Most significant changes in CIT and PIT
Changes in other laws affecting tax accounts in enterprises

Part III. Selected changes to VAT Act in Poland

Changes to VAT accounting
New rules of liability under the CIT Act
Organised by: Rödl & Partner

Organised by: Rödl & Partner ›››

January 2017

27.1.2016 | Gliwice

Changes in taxes in Poland in 2017

Organised by: Rödl & Partner ›››