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Disputes with business partners, shareholders or employees quite often arise in the course of the business activity. In order to solve the dispute the parties may be required to get (more or less) involved in civil proceedings and (sometimes) in proceedings to secure claims or in enforcement proceedings. In some situations issues can be resolved outside court (e.g. in cases for making an entry in the land and mortgage register). Nevertheless, in all civil proceedings certain rules must be obeyed (especially as far as the formal requirements for the letters submitted to courts or the deadlines for certain actions are concerned). Their violation may have serious consequences. In this section we will explain important issues concerning civil proceedings as well as alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation, negotiations and arbitration. We will also discuss here amendments to regulations and analyse the most important judgements of the Supreme Court which shape the judicial practice. We will be happy to assist you in court and offer you comprehensive legal advice at our offices in Cracow, Gdansk, Gliwice, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw. 

Below is the list of the subjects we have described: