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Aid in the form of the EU grants plays a key role in the functioning of many public entities (e.g. research units) and private businesses (e.g. enterprises) that want to obtain external funds for their investment projects in Poland. The EU funding in Poland is a very popular subject as it is one of the sources of our country's continuous development and the number of beneficiaries grows all the time. In this section you will find crucial information about practical use of the grants, including how to prepare the application documents or how to manage and account for the EU projects in Poland. We know how important it is for every applicant to have the adequate knowledge and competences in application for the EU aid, and then using the EU funds properly. That is why in this section you will also find examples of real-life problems the beneficiaries encounter and how to deal with unexpected situations such as difficulties in achieving the targets. You are welcome to read the articles here and contact our consultants with professional knowledge and vast experience – we are at your service.

The list of the topics presented below: