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PolSEFF (Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Facility) is a programme developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in partnership with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The main goal is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) interested in investing in new technologies and equipment that reduce energy consumption or generate energy from renewable sources. Funds may be obtained in the form of a loan up to 1 million euro from one of the financial institutions (banks) participating in the programme.

What kind of projects may be part-financed under PolSEFF?

The following projects may receive funding:

  • Investments in Energy Efficiency (EE) improvement based on equipment and solutions included in the LEME; the financing value of projects cannot exceed 250 thousand euro;
  • Investments in Energy Efficiency (EE) improvement based on individual solutions and achieving minimum 20% of energy saving; financing value cannot exceed 1 million euro;
  • Investments in commercial buildings achieving minimum 30% of energy saving;
  • Investments made by suppliers to increase production capacity of the equipment and investments in technologies improving energy efficiency (EE) or in renewable energy sources (RES).

What are the financing rules?

The basic conditions for financing a project are as follows:

  • Loans for 100% of the project value;
  • Financing amount can reach 1 million euro excluding investments based on devices from the LEME (which may be maximum 250,000 euro);
    Financing may occur only and exclusively through collaboration with participating financing institutions;
  • The loan must not be used to repay an existing bank loan;
  • Once the project is completed and receives a favourable opinion from experts, the enterprise receives an investment premium of 10% or 15% of the bank loan value.

What is the LEME?

LEME (the List of Eligible Materials and Equipment) includes about 5 thousand products classified as energy efficient for PolSEFF purposes. When a company buys a piece of equipment or materials from the list, it gets 10% subsidy and the application procedure is very easy. Noteworthy, the LEME is open to new, not yet listed products. Every manufacturer may list its products provided they meet certain criteria. The list covers a broad range of technologies which may be applied to all sorts of businesses and industries. The LEME includes materials and equipment such as thermal insulations, heating, co-generation, tri-generation, solar panels, energy-saving systems, ventilation and air-conditioners. The LEME gathers in one place most of the currently available energy-saving technologies that may be used in small or medium-sized enterprises.

Significantly, PolSEFF also offers the enterprises free-of-charge engineering and financial advice covering, among other things, technical assessment of projects, energy audit of the company, financial analysis of the project and the payback period estimation.

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