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Every person has a right to protect his or her personal data. Therefore, personal data security is an ever-present issue both in the private business and public administration sectors. Polish regulations applicable in this regard oblige entities (e.g. enterprises) collecting and processing personal information to follow certain rules of procedure. However, quick technological progress and development of new technologies, as well as social and economic integration resulting from the functioning of the EU internal market, lead to data collection, use and flow on an exponentially larger scale. This poses questions about the efficiency of the current legal solutions intended to protect data subjects. The safety of individuals in connection with personal data processing is also discussed in the EU, which sees the related threats and strives to ensure a consistent degree of protection that would be equal in all Member States. An EU regulation to ensure a uniform protection of personal data within the EU (GDPR) and to increase data protection standards is going to enter into force in May 2018. The regulation introduces a number of new obligations that will require enterprises, among other things, to adapt their internal personal data processing policies to the new law. It is to be expected that also the Polish legislators will amend national laws. 

We have created this section to help you stay up to date and successfully deal with the challenges connected with changes in personal data protection law. Here we are going to analyse, among other things, the provisions of the GDPR and other EU laws for you, as well as inform about the steps of the Polish lawmakers. You are welcome to use the knowledge and experience of our experts and to contact us directly. We offer advice and support at every stage of developing and adapting personal data processing procedures to the new laws. Our attorneys and legal adviser are available to you in our offices in Cracow, Gdansk, Gliwice, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw.