Prof. nadzw. dr hab. Marcin Jamroży

Steuerberater (Polen), Rechtsanwalt (Polen)
Phone: +48 22 244 00 20

We invite you to read the archived opinions of our experts and articles about our firm. In this way you will find out more about the latest events in Rödl & Partner.

June 2012


TOP tax firms in Poland

The Rzeczpospolita’s 6th ranking of tax firms included 65 best and most active service provides. Maintaining the high position from the last year confirms high-quality methods developed by our company. As the only company in the market, we offer full and comprehensive legal and tax advisory services. ›››

February 2012


Rödl & Partner as a consulting company was ranked 10th in the 11th Ranking of Auditors arranged by Rzeczpospolita.

Our company maintained its last year's rank and has again taken a prominent position. The ranking arranged by Rzeczpospolita collects information on the best consulting companies which provide audit services in Poland. Permanent presence of our company in the top ten proves that the German quality in consulting and the 20-year experience in the Polish market make a solid foundation for developing sustainable success. ›››

November 2011


Think Tank India Dossier 2011

As part of its cultural activities, which is the form of a platform for dialogue and exchange of best practice management, leadership, strategy and communications for business leaders and public administration, THINK TANK organization also publishes newsletters on current economic situation and selected issues of politics, economics and sociology . We are pleased to present the most recent publication on the broad lines of the relationship between Poland and India and the India-EU. Among experts there is a representative of Rödl & Partner in Berlin Mrs. Seema Bhardwaj. We encourage you to read the entire dossier on the link below. ›››

July 2011


Platinum Drill

Gliwice office building, which is the seat of our department, has received another award. This time the award was granted in late May. in the "Platinum Drill" competition. ›››

June 2011


E-vanguard or e-necessity?

The answer is: definitely e-necessity. And this is no harbinger of the future. Whether we want or not, the e-future is knocking at the door of our ‘dusty’ accounting departments. Unfortunately, any change requires in its initial stage a costly implementation process to meet the sophisticated (and often vague) wording of the legislation. What is more, every change requires breaking down the barrier of fear of liability for the change’s effects; and the liability in tax law is severe and long-lasting...

January 2011


Polish-German Business Centre Association) in Poznan

Stowarzyszenie Polsko-Niemieckie Koło Gospodarcze (Polish-German Business Centre Association) in Poznan developed from the German Business Centre established at the beginning of the 90s as an informal gathering of German investors in Poznan. ›››

December 2010

November 2010


New examination board for tax advisers

Dr. Marcin Jamroży, a tax adviser and attorney at law employed with Rödl & Partner, is to sit in the examination board for tax advisers. The recent commission was dissolved on 7 August this year after an amendment entered into force. Under the legal regulations, the commission was, however, permitted to continue its office throughout three subsequent months. Today (02.11.2010) the Minister of Finance is to appoint the members of the commission. ›››

October 2010


Distinction awarded to the office building in Gliwice in Architecture of the Year competition

Distinction awards were granted to structures designed by Meduza Group. The office building of Rödl & Partner in Gliwice joined the group of the distinction winners due to “consistent and sophisticated approach to the design and implementation, from the top of an appealing concept to the bottom of designer details”. ›››

June 2010


A specialist to handle invoices

An article on financial and accounting outsourcing services by Rzeczpospolita. ›››


Liliane Preußer among 25 personalities of the outsourcing sector

Gazeta Finansowa presents 25 personalities of the outsourcing sector in Poland ›››

May 2010


The 5th place in the law firm ranking

Rzeczpospolita presents a new ranking of law firms operating in Poland. Rödl & Partner was ranked 5th in terms of revenue. ›››

March 2010


The Polish Labour Code in the English language version

A new publication by Agnieszka Jamroży, Attorney at Law in Rödl & Partner, is now available in bookstores. ›››


Alles Menschliche zählt viel

(German language version only) ›››

February 2010


Top tax advisory companies


January 2010


Rödl & Partner has joined Facebook community

Rödl & Partner, as one of the first law firms in Poland, has created its profile on Facebook. ›››


Ranking of audit companies

Rzeczpospolita presents a new ranking of companies that audit the financial statements. Rödl & Partner keeps the same high score as in the previous year. ›››

Dezember 2009


Why is it worth to invest in W-MSSE S.A.?

Gazeta Olsztyńska, comments by Anna Harasimowicz, Auditor at Rödl & Partner ›››


2009 Ranking of law firms

Gazeta Prawna presents the 6th ranking of law firms 2009. Rödl & Partner among the top 15 law firms in Poland. ›››

September 2009


Thousands of candidates at Keep Poland Working job fairs

Keep Poland Working is part of the global project by Monster Worldwide. The fairs organised by career portal offered free admittance, and the employers present at the event included among others Rödl & Partner. ›››


Graphite office building by the Medusa Group

Gazeta Wyborcza: Architects present the design of the new Rödl & Partner office building in Gliwice. ›››