Magdalena Ludwiczak

Wirtschaftsprüferin (Polen)
Phone: +48 61 624 49 43

Therese Baginski

Wirtschaftsprüferin (Polen)
Phone: +48 (71) 60 60 000
Fax: +48 (71) 60 60 131

The attestation services are dedicated to entities which want to have their calculations, estimates or a merger, transformation or demerger plan checked and confirmed by an independent certified auditor in Poland. The fastest and surest solution is to hire an experienced auditor working for a renowned firm in Poland.

Through the attest services you can quickly learn if your assumptions and calculations are correct. All the work is done by a certified auditor who has the relevant expertise and experience in such services. 

By choosing Rödl & Partner you can be sure that you are working with a professional certified auditor who is experienced in working with Polish enterprises as well as large international corporations. The availability of our certified auditors in each of Rödl & Partner's six offices in Poland ensures convenience and quick performance of the attest service. 

The attestation services of a certified audit usually include:

  • review of the agreed procedures;
  • financial forecast;
  • valuation of in-kind and cash contributions;
  • audit of merger, transformation or demerger plans.