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Aneta Majchrowicz-Bączyk

Rechtsanwältin (Polen)
Phone: + 48 61 86 44 900

Therese Baginski

Wirtschaftsprüferin (Polen)
Phone: +48 (71) 60 60 000
Fax: +48 (71) 60 60 131

Prof. nadzw. dr hab. Marcin Jamroży

Steuerberater (Polen), Rechtsanwalt (Polen)
Phone: +48 22 244 00 20

When transfer pricing is concerned, we begin with the analysis of the current situation to identify the main risk areas as well as the possibilities to reduce them, we develop solutions for optimisation and an appropriate defence line in case of an inspection. Thanks to the cooperation with experts from other Rödl & Partner offices worldwide, we offer you the possibility to enjoy our complex international experience in the effective solving of problems concerning intra-group settlements.

Rödl & Partner Transfer Pricing Brochure

Rödl & Partner "OECD Master File-concept and CbC Reporting – national implementation" Brochure

Global Transfer Pricing

We offer you advice on international questions concerning transfer pricing (Global Transfer Pricing) with the support provided by the experts of Rödl & Partner worldwide. Permanent collaboration and regular international meetings of our experts enable us to assist you effectively in settling accounts between related parties. 

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Additional proposals:

  • new edition of the Transfer pricing documentation [„Dokumentacja podatkowa cen transferowych”] ed. PhD Marcin Jamroży  
  • for information see www.roedl.de.