Michał Gosek

Tax adviser (Poland)
Associate Partner
Phone: +48 61 624 49 39

EU grants are awarded through calls for proposals which are announced at least one month before the first grant applications are accepted. The intake may last from one week to several months (in which case the call is usually divided into stages). Since you cannot start a project sooner than the day after filing a grant application – to make the project expenses eligible – it is of utmost importance to adjust the project timing to the timetable of the call for proposals.

Basic information about EU grants in Poland open or anticipated calls for proposals broken down into three subject areas:

  • Research and development – encompasses projects involving R&D work as well as construction or extension of research and development centres in enterprises through purchases of necessary infrastructure.
  • Investments in SMEs – covers investments in tangible and intangible assets made in order to implement (own or acquired) R&D results in order to market new or significantly improved products and services.
  • RES – covers renewable energy. This area includes investments in renewable energy sources, high-efficiency co-generation facilities as well as efforts to increase energy efficiency in enterprises.

You can learn more about the current operational programmes in section EU Funds in Poland 2014–2020

                                              EU grants in Poland – Open calls

You can learn more about the enterprise sizing in section Basic information about grants in Poland.

To obtain detailed information about the open calls for proposals and the timing of planned calls for proposals under other measures we encourage you to seek our advice on EU funds, state aid and investment advice. Our State Aid Team will help you find the best source of financing your investment plans and put that project in the call and programme documentation framework.