Michał Gosek

Tax adviser (Poland)
Associate Partner
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Funding Opportunity Analysis

At the outset of our work, we thoroughly analyse your investment plans and scrutinise them for the funding opportunities offered by all sources. We advise you on developing a final project concept to optimise the investment and to increase the chances of receiving financial support. In addition, we offer advisory services with respect to developing long-term strategies for using grants as a means to finance the development of your company.

Drawing up Application Documents

The application documents include a range of application forms and annexes, whose submission is the first step to obtaining a grant. We offer you comprehensive assistance in preparing a funding application, a business plan and other mandatory annexes.

Project Management

Obtaining a grant is a springboard for further project implementation. We offer you project management related advisory services in line with an assumed schedule of works and expenditures and the payment schedule. We watch over the correct conduct of the vendor selection procedure while applying the principles of competition, and make sure that you achieve the assumed project indicators. We are also there for you to make sure that your promotion runs smoothly.


Over the course of an EU project implementation, the beneficiary is bound to undergo checks by various institutions to verify whether the funding agreement has been performed correctly. In order to obtain assurance that the project is implemented in line with all laws on conducting and accounting for EU projects, we offer you project audits at all stages of the project implementation to see if the eligible costs were necessary to incur within the project, if all expenses were properly recorded and accounting documents properly assigned, if the bidding procedure was correctly carried out and the vendors selected, and whether the items purchased were properly marked and the project's promotion has been adequate.

After every audit, we issue a report for the client that includes all information on the project implementation status and post-audit recommendations.

Reporting and Accounting for Awards

For the proper implementation of an EU and state part-financed project you are required to regularly prepare reports on the project implementation and to run checks on the indicators achieved. We provide assistance in this scope while making sure that you meet all obligations set out in the funding agreement. In addition, to ensure that the funds awarded are correctly processed, we will complete all tasks for you that are related to preparing interim payment applications, filing documentation to the competent Implementing Authority, drafting response letters to implementing authorities with respect to reporting and accounting for grant awards, and we will advise you on the project promotion and visualisation.

We are also able to keep full accounting records for your project in line with applicable EU laws.

Due diligence audit of an entity which implements projects co-financed with state aid in Poland

Acquisition of an entity that is implementing or has already implemented any projects co-financed with state aid in Poland (including subsidising PV farms, wind farms, biogas plants) involves an additional risk of the obligation to repay grants. To protect you from this risk, we carry out due diligence  audits of your projects. The DD audit aims at reviewing the manner in which a project is or has been implemented and identifying any possible weaknesses.

While carrying out a Due Diligence audit of EU projects we scrutinise:

  • correctness of project implementation in respect of compliance with applications for grants, grant agreements and other project proposal documents;
  • correctness of calls for proposals and tender procedures;
  • classification of expenses;
  • payment applications;
  • manner of promoting and providing information about the project;
  • achievement of the assumed ratios specified in the grant applications;
  • project sustainability;
  • manner of archiving documents;
  • consequences of acquiring the enterprise by another entity.

After the audit completion, we will submit a report on the project status along with post-audit recommendations, including information on possible consequences of the acquisition of the enterprise or change of its size.  

Our big advantage is an interdisciplinary approach ensured by our teams. We can provide you with a comprehensive due diligence audit of the entire enterprise. Each stage of the due diligence audit can be supervised by an auditor, tax adviser or attorney at law.