Michał Gosek

Tax adviser (Poland)
Associate Partner
Phone: +48 61 624 49 39

"It is the people who develop ideas which build strategies. Within those strategies, their specific actions bring effects which build the enterprise value."

Key values:

  • trust
  • service
  • innovation

Vision: To add value, serve and be innovative, and to nurture and appreciate the trust of our clients.

Mission: To set standards and offer businesses the expertise that give an opportunity to safely and effectively use public aid in Poland and across Europe.

What sets us apart

Our public aid advisory services cover four main areas of building the company value.

This breakdown by area has resulted from our experience and it reflects our concept of the IPFS – Idea – Project – Finance – Strategy cycle. Based on these areas we can define standard processes and anticipate what services are likely to arise from real needs of entities. Interdisciplinary project teams are set up for every area based on a map of competences indispensable to achieve the project goals.

I2P: Within this area we come up with ideas and examine the organisational potential of our clients. We try to understand the client's goals and development plans, and then identify the client's business strengths. We also work out a common approach to the public aid. Developing a relationship based on the client's awareness forms the grounds for a long-term business partnership.
Our services at this stage result in diagnosing the entity and processing all its development ideas into project cards. They are used to create a map of ideas based on which a management board can make a preliminary decision on bringing them into life. The project cards underlie the development of project plans and auxiliary technical documentation.

P2F: Additionally, we effectively search for sources of funding the  ideas from the first area, along with developing the project plan documentation. We also define individual work stages and roles of the business partners. Subsequently, we present the projects that may be part-financed out of the available funds and inform the management board of financial benefits of the project implementation. Our services include the project management as well as monitoring the project implementation and achievement of the assumed ratios. Following specific standards and archiving effects of our work we can use them whenever we deal with new opportunities, thus optimising expenses of our clients.

F2S: Entering the strategy development level requires gaining trust, which takes a long time. That is why we draw our clients' attention to the need of advice at the strategy level early in advance. In our opinion, this is the best way to maximise the return on projects under implementation. We believe that a strategy depends on sources of financing the projects which form the strategy. We advise on how to modify the projects to make them qualify for aid and which areas to modify. Our other strength is that we effectively search for niches and identify new opportunities that help succeed in all areas.

S2V: A real challenge is not only to obtain the aid, but also to account for it correctly. We always focus on far-reaching thinking: warning our clients against probable future threats and  reliably calculating economic risks related to the projects. Our assistance also includes accounting for and ensuring correctness of the documents as well as auditing the projects. We make sure the entire documentation is correct.
What distinguishes us from others is that we effectively search for opportunities to build the enterprise value in all areas at the same time. The project cards system can be used for commercial purposes as well. The standards related to the project management and the project documentation may further be used to supplement and optimise the existing processes within the entity.