Rödl & Partner and the Castellers from Barcelona

„Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny“ (strength, equilibrium, valour and common sense) is the Catalan motto of all Castellers, describing their fundamental values very accurately. It is to our liking and also reflects our mentality.


Therefore Rödl & Partner embarked on a collaborative journey with the representatives of this long-standing tradition of human towers – Castellers de Barcelona – in May 2011. The association from Barcelona stands, among many other things, for this intangible cultural heritage.


Each and every person counts – to the Castellers and to us

Human towers symbolize in a unique way the Rödl & Partner corporate culture. They personify our philosophy of solidarity, balance, courage and team spirit. They stand for the growth that is based on own resources, the growth which has made Rödl & Partner the company we are today.