Independent controls & systems process assurance

A major element in external audits these days is an independent review of IT infrastructure and processes. Such an examination assures you of the effectiveness and efficiency of your international business’s operations, its compliance with regulations and the reliability of its financial reporting. You can only be truly confident in the way your organisation’s systems produce information if you have the technical insight of IT management and reporting process experts.

Rödl & Partner is able to offer the expertise of specialist teams in our regional head offices to carry out assessments and deliver hands-on, practical advice on the ways to improve them.

Internal Audit

As a key component in the expression of audit opinions, the importance of internal control systems has grown dramatically in the modern business environment.

Consequently, developing and improving internal audit functions has also become a big concern for many international businesses. These include many closely held, private companies that are not subject to Sarbanes-Oxley, corporate governance and similar regulatory constraints.

Internal audit has assumed a vital role in global risk management, especially for medium-sized and larger private companies that have grown substantially in recent years into worldwide organisations.

Rödl & Partner can help you improve your risk management at a national or global level.