Before Rödl & Partner begins an outsourcing project, we streamline the finance and accounting processes we’re about to manage. This improves the quality of the processes for the client from the outset, brings procedures up to date, and makes the switch to Rödl & Partner swifter and easier.

We also try to standardise processes. In our experience, 95 % of processes used around the world can mirror those used in head office, with only small variations imposed by local law or custom.

Working closely with clients, we learn about their day-to-day operations in great detail. Getting close to their problems means we can bring our expertise to bear immediately with no lengthy briefing or explanation.

Moreover, the Rödl & Partner project manager, liaising directly with the client back home, builds up a detailed picture that helps with planning. The project manager is a valuable resource on top of the local expertise we provide in each country. Clients get the best of both worlds – local knowledge, with external, independent objectivity.