S. A. de Kock

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Very often our foreign investor clients enter into or expand their U.S. market presence via acquisition of an existing U.S. business. The purpose of such acquisitions may be to expand vertically or horizontally in the client’s industry, or to invest passively for personal return.  Because of the varying sizes of our clients and the variety of industries they represent, the internal resources that they bring to bear on their acquisition activities range from strong in-house teams to single dominant executives. Whatever the resources, we complement them as required.

We offer buyer acquisition assistance (due diligence engagements) either in the form of a consulting engagement or as an agreed-upon procedures engagement in which we perform specifically-requested procedures after consultation with our client.

Some clients turn to us only for due diligence of an acquisition target. Others rely on us for everything from acquisition strategy through analysis to negotiations, while the client only appears for closing. Of course, the client is informed at every step of the process.

Acquisition assistance engagements represent a significant part of our practice. Most of our clients’ acquisitions range between $5 million and $25 million, although purchases in excess of $100 million are not uncommon.

We are frequently consulted by clients considering entry into the U.S. market or expansion of U.S. activities via a Joint Venture with either a U.S. business partner or a foreign entity. Sometimes the initial U.S. market entry strategy is via a distribution agreement with an independent U.S. based third party. Our experience with these market entry strategies will assist you to avoid the oft-observed pitfalls within Joint Ventures and Distribution Arrangements.

If you decide to venture into the U.S. market with a “green field” entry, we stand ready to assist you in making informed, comparative decisions about where to locate your new business. We will assist you, at your request, in dealing with state and local authorities to ensure that you benefit from available economic development incentive programs. Our experience in this area also will enable us to make introductions to other service providers that you may require in settling into a new facility or occupying an existing facility.