Steve Cooper

Phone: +1 (864) 242-2611

Whether you are starting a new U.S. business or have an established U.S. company, our BPO group can provide you a continuous turnkey “back office” solution. You can ask us to handle your accounting, payroll processing management, treasury and reporting needs. If requested by you, we will work closely with your local management, your other professional advisors, accounting and controlling groups to assist in establishing an internal control environment to address your reporting needs.

Our solutions are highly customizable to address your resource requirements. These include fully outsourced solutions where we act as your “accounting department” in all aspects of financial accounting, payroll management, treasury management, and reporting. If you prefer a more limited solution, we provide your local and headquarters accounting staff with assistance on monthly closing and assistance with technical accounting matters as they arise.

We utilize several different accounting packages to address your specific needs. With remote access and hosting solutions, you can access your accounting data in real time from anywhere in the world.

Geographical barriers fall before our technology and our bilingual staff, enabling us to serve you throughout the United States. Thus, you will find continuous outsourcing through our BPO team to be a cost-effective and efficient solution that releases you to focus on growing your business.