Dr. Will Dendorfer

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Investor interest in the U.S. market has increased steadily in recent years. The great potential inherent in such a large market attracts more and more foreign business and individual investors. However, there are many challenges, both on international and U.S.-specific levels, which must be addressed to ensure effective and efficient operations in the United States.

The U.S. has extensive and, for foreigners, unfamiliar tax reporting requirements and frequent tax law changes. The tax requirements alone mandate close cooperation with professionals experienced in these matters.  As our client, you ultimately decide the level of assistance that you need, but if you have asked us to analyze and keep you abreast of Federal, state, and local requirements; we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs.

Your venture into the U.S. market must be thoroughly planned in advance to avoid obstacles to your company’s economic success. Selecting the optimal entity and capital structures for the U.S. business is an early and critical process; one in which we will work closely with you. We then usher you through the start-up phase, smoothing as much as possible the significant bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll, and tax reporting requirements. Even seemingly minor technical language barriers or imprecise communications with federal, state, or local tax authorities can quickly lead to difficulties, which may put your successful start-up at risk. As a client, we hope that you will take advantage of our expertise and ask us to analyze your situation and requirements.

Since 1976 we have made it our business to assist those wanting to do business in the United States. Our goal is to get to know your businesses as well as we know our own.