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We will look at your tax issues from a global perspective and, in a “one-stop” approach, we will, at your request, and using the information you provide us about your business, plan, coordinate, and put our worldwide resources at your disposal to develop an effective strategy designed to minimize your global tax burden.

Clear tax strategies are mandatory for making economically sound business decisions. This is especially important for you as you maneuver in the United States. The U.S. tax landscape is very complex, and we will help you make the best choices while simultaneously considering the tax laws and consequences applicable in your home country.

We are especially proud of our international tax specialist group – Rödl National Tax. These experienced specialists were recruited from the top national firms to resolve complex tax issues for clients of Rödl & Partner USA. They consult, as needed, with our partners and staff in all offices, as well as with clients directly, to seek the best possible tax outcomes for clients. Additional details regarding their services can be found here

We hope that you will choose us as your U.S. tax advisors. We recognize that actions or plans in the U.S. can have a significant effect on your overseas income or assets. If you ask us, we will help you make the right decisions in domestic and international business structure planning through consideration of tax treaties and foreign-country tax laws. We will provide you tax planning services related to transactional matters, including mergers and acquisitions, as requested.

In addition to tax planning and tax strategy, we are experienced and efficient in U.S. tax compliance matters. At your request, we can prepare any federal and state income tax returns, franchise tax returns, information returns, property, sales tax, and other returns that may be required or appropriate for any individual, partnership, estate, trust, or corporation.

We also will prepare, at your request, your individual income tax returns and employ tax optimization strategies for foreign employees assigned to the U.S. (inpatriates), as well as for U.S. employees assigned to foreign countries (expatriates). Should it become necessary, we will represent you before taxing authorities.