S. A. de Kock

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Frank Breitenfeldt

Phone: +1 (404) 586-3587

Our team of experienced transaction services professionals advises international clients in entering into the U.S. market or expanding their presence via business acquisitions in various different industries. We assist you in the financial and tax due diligence of potential target companies and tell the story behind the figures for you to have a basis for valuation, contract and integration decisions.

Besides the traditional buyer side due diligence, we advise our clients in sell side work (e.g. carve-out, vendor initiated due diligence), transaction structuring as well as commercial and operational due diligence activities. Our client base consists of both strategic and private equity companies.

Our approach is hands-on and straight to the point for you, so that we identify deal breakers and key issues at an early stage of the process. Additionally, we align our scope and involvement to your needs and assist you throughout the entire transaction process as far as needed. Most of our team members are bilingual and – more importantly – bicultural, i.e. we understand your needs and questions from both a German and a local perspective.