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March 2020


COVID-19 task force: Tailor-made business risk management solutions

Rödl & Partner Estonia is here to help our clients in navigating these challenging times. We are here to support you with tailored risk management solutions. ›››


COVID-19 – Rödl & Partner in Estonia fully operational

Update on how we work for you during the Coronavirus-Pandemic. ›››


Information on coronavirus in Estonia

The current official information on the situation regarding coronavirus in Estonia can be found on the websites of the Estonian Health Board and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ›››

December 2019

October 2019


ISO 9001 quality management system of Rödl & Partner OÜ successfully passed the recertification audit

In September, business assurance services provider Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited conducted a recertification audit of the Quality Management System of Rödl & Partner OÜ and awarded the Management System with a new ISO 9001:2015 certificate of approval no 10218582. ›››

September 2019


Changes in management

We hereby inform you that Mart Nõmper, board member of Rödl & Partner OÜ and Rödl & Partner Audit OÜ, has left the firm. Starting from 30 August 2019, new members of the management board of Rödl & Partner OÜ are Alice Salumets and Tiina Mirka. New members of the management board of Rödl & Partner Audit OÜ are Alice Salumets and sworn auditor Katrina Laiv. ›››

June 2019


Rödl & Partner with considerable results in 2018

Rödl & Partner continues its growth course in 2018 and looks back on a successful business year. Total turnover rose by 8.8 percent to EUR 451.5 (previous year: 415) million, of which EUR 236.1 million (+ 8 percent) were allotted to Germany. The volume outside Germany increased to EUR 215.4 million (+ 9.7 percent). A key driver was again the M&A business, with Rödl & Partner surpassing the previous year's record number of accompanied transactions by a further 20 to a total of 282 in 2018. ›››


Mart Nõmper elected to the Management Board of the Estonian Auditors’ Association

On 4 June 2019, the members of the Estonian Auditors’ Association elected new Management Board for the period 2019-2022. Sworn auditor Mart Nõmper from Rödl & Partner Audit OÜ was also elected as Management Board Member of the Auditors' Association. ›››

May 2019


Audit exemption thresholds in Europe

Accountancy Europe has published 2019 update of the survey on audit exemption thresholds in Europe. ›››


We advised AS Sales-Star on the sale of wholesale business of convenience goods

Alice Salumets, Attorney-at-Law of Rödl & Partner Law Office, advised AS Sales-Star on selling the wholesale business of convenience goods to AbeStock AS. ›››

March 2019


SCCE´s General Assembly 2019: Mart Nõmper to continue as SCCE's Council member

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia held its annual General Assembly on March 7 to sum up the year 2018, make plans for the next year and elect its Council for 2019. ›››

February 2019


Rödl & Partner OÜ implemented the task management software UKU

In January, the accounting service line at Rödl & Partner OÜ implemented a new task management solution UKU, which now enables us to provide even better service to our clients and has increased the transparency of the accounting department. ›››


How the taxation rules will change after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the European Economic Area

If the UK withdraws from the EU on 29 March 2019 as planned, upon the taxation with VAT the UK is a so-called ‛third country‛ (a country not member of the EU) since 30 March 2019. Upon the taxation with VAT it means the following. Estonian Tax and Customs Board has released guidelines for Estonian companies doing business with UK. ›››

January 2019


Estonia has adopted new Personal Data Protection Act

At the end of 2018 Estonian parliament managed finally to adopt new Personal Data Protection Act. The new Act came into force January 15, 2019; and elaborates and supplements the General Data Protection Regulation. ›››


Changes in the taxation of dividends in Estonia starting from 01.01.2019

As of 1 January 2019, a lower tax rate of 14%, or 14/86 of the net amount of dividends, applies to dividends paid on a regular basis under Subsection 4(5) and Section 501 of the Income Tax Act. Thus, a resident company can be subject to a lower tax rate of 14/86 and a standard rate of 20/80 for the taxation of dividends. ›››


Changes in registration of employment in 2019

The year 2019 brings several important amendments in the registration of employment in the Estonian employment register. From 1 January 2019 the working time rate must be recorded in the employment register. From 1 June 2019, the addition of occupational titles and the place of work address will become mandatory. ›››

November 2018


ISO 9001:2015 quality management system of Rödl & Partner OÜ successfully passed re-audit

At the beginning of November Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited conducted a re-audit of the Quality Management System of Rödl & Partner OÜ and awarded the Management System of Rödl & Partner OÜ with a new ISO 9001:2015 certificate of approval. The scope of the certificate of approval issued is applicable to accounting services, payroll accounting, as well as legal address and contact person services that were integrated into the Management System this year.

September 2018


Auditors' Association: Rise of the sales revenue of audit firms is driven by increase in prices

Estonian Auditors’ Association analyzed the activity period of the audit firms 2017/18, which is characterized by revenue growth, a change in service structure, and higher service fees for customers. The total hourly rates for all audit firms increased by 7%, but there are some differences between the type of service (audit or review) and the service provider (large, medium or small audit firm). The biggest increase of hourly rates can be seen in the provision of audit services by large audit firms (+ 9%), the smallest increase in prices is noted in the provision of review services by small audit firms (+ 2%). ›››

August 2018


Obligation to disclose beneficial owners from 1.09.2018

From 1 September 2018 all companies registered in Estonia are obligated to disclose data on their beneficial owner in the commercial register. Data must be submitted by 31 October 2018. ›››


Rödl & Partner Law Office welcomes lawyer Dana Ihsanova

We are pleased to announce that Rödl & Partner Law Office welcomed a new lawyer Dana Ihsanova on 13 August 2018. Dana received her legal education in UK and France. She has BA in Law from University of Exeter with a year at Université de Strasbourg, followed by MA in Law with distinction from University College London and Legal Practice Course at BPP University. ›››

July 2018


Audiitorkogu: Audiitorteenuste profiil muutunud

Audiitorkogu kirjutab, et seoses sellega, et viimase kümne aasta jooksul on Eestis korduvalt muudetud audiitortegevuse reegleid ja piirmäärasid (nt ülevaatuse töövõtu sisseseadmine, hiljutine aktsiaseltside üldise auditeerimispõhimõtte muutmine), võib täheldada, et ka audiitorteenuste profiil on muutunud. ›››

June 2018


Country-by-country reporting for large corporations in 2018 – Estonia

Country-by country report is a report concerning multinational enterprise groups which includes aggregate information on multinational enterprise groups relating to the amount of revenue, profit or loss before income tax, income tax paid and income tax accrued, stated share capital, accumulated earnings, number of employees and tangible assets other than cash or cash equivalents with regard to each such state and jurisdiction in which the multinational enterprise group operates. ›››


The largest Estonian entrepreneurship competition now open – this year also the family business of the year will be crowned

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry invite all companies to participate in the biggest Estonian entrepreneurship competition Top Estonian Enterprises 2018. This year the entrepreneurship award categories include also the family business of the year.
All companies are welcome to apply at until 3 July 2018. ›››

March 2018


SCCE's General Assembly 2018

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia held its annual General Assembly on March 6 to sum up the year 2017 and make plans for the next year.
In 2018, Mart Nõmper from Rödl & Partner will continue as a member of the Council of SCCE. ›››


Taxation system and labour law in Latvia and Lithuania

Tax experts Elina Putnina and Mantas Mališauskas from Rödl & Partner Riga and Vilnius offices discussed the taxation system and business environment in Latvia and Lithuania on a seminar that was held in Tallinn on 14 March 2018. ›››

February 2018


Amendments in the guidelines of the Estonian Accounting Standards Board

The Estonian Accounting Standards Board notified of the establishment of the ASB guidelines in annexes of a regulation of the Minister of Finance starting from 01.01.2018. The guidelines are applicable to reporting periods commencing on or after 01.01.2017. The main substantive amendments concern the guidelines ASBG 9 and ASBG 13. ›››

January 2018


Amendment of the Commercial Code with regard to the requirement for companies to designate a contact person starting from 15.01.2018

On 15.01.2018 the amendment of the Commercial Code entered into force establishing a requirement for companies to designate a contact person. An undertaking, including a foreign company that has a branch in Estonia, may designate a person to whom the procedural documents of the undertaking and the declarations of intent addressed to the undertaking may be delivered in Estonia (hereinafter contact person). If the management board of a company or a body substituting therefor is located in a foreign state, the company must designate a contact person. ›››