On July 1st, at the same time as the new Building Code, Planning Act, and several others, the Equipment Safety Act came into force, which replaces earlier special acts like the Gaseous Fuel, Pressure Equipment, and Machine Safety Acts. The new regulation is more abstract than before and the lawmaker has opted for stipulating more general objectives and principles. Such approach is to ensure that the requirements stipulated by the act cover as wide a range of equipment as possible, including any new type of equipment that may be developed in the future, which in turn should help further ensure safety. 

An economic operator engaged in equipment work (the designing, making, building, installation, disassembly, configuration, testing and repairing and, where applicable, also the filling and storing of a device and other similar work that affects the qualities of the device and does not constitute the using of the device) has an obligation to submit a notice of economic activities. However, an economic operator who as of July 1st is registered in the register of economic activities in the field of pressure equipment work, gas work, construction of gas installations, electrical work, lifting equipment work and machine work will be deemed as having an equipment work entry.

Since in the case of equipment work it is already required to have a competent person, removing the notification obligation altogether was discussed in the course of drafting the Equipment Safety Act, but so far the obligation remains. The obligation of submitting a notice of economic activities, which replaces the earlier registration requirement, was stipulated in the General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act that came into force on 1 July, 2014. It is worth noting that also since 1 July, 2014 there generally is no notification obligation for service providers established in another European Economic Area state who wish to commence the provision of services temporarily in Estonia in an area of activity where notification obligation otherwise applies.

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