Dear clients and cooperation partners!

The coronavirus epidemic affects many companies. We do everything we can to ensure that we continue to function normally despite the epidemic. We follow the Health Board´s guidelines and do work remotely, from home offices until the epidemic subsides. Scheduled meetings will be moved to video conference or to a later date.

Most of our clients are already involved in completely paperless services, including financial and payroll services, so no changes are needed to their daily routines. If you would like to send us documents, please kindly agree with us on the delivery of the material beforehand.

You can reach us and your contact person at Rödl & Partner Estonia by e-mail and by phone. If you have any urgent matters, please contact Head of Office Ms Alice Salumets (e-mail alice.salumets(at)roedl.com, mobile phone +372 507 7770).


Rödl & Partner