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Overview of Rödl & Partner accounting services and submission of price inquiry

Photo gallery from the foundation event in Meriton Hotel  

On the 16th of June 2010 the Association of Estonian Accounting Firms (acronym in Estonian: ERPEL) was estblished.  ERPEL’s charter members are 15 largest accounting firms in Estonia. 

The main aim of the Association is to improve the quality of accounting services as well as to raise the awareness of entrepreneurs about the accounting service in general.

The market of accounting services has a large number of service providers – according to the Commercial Register more than 1,800 companies reported supply from accounting services in 2008, about 1,000 operate actively. The offices that provide services are quite small and therefore it is difficult to provide high level of training for employees, to develop the necessary software, etc.

The content and quality of services differ to a great extent. Currently there is no uniform understanding and knowledge on what is the good practice for the provision of accounting services. As most of ERPEL’s charter members have been practising in this area for over ten years, they have vast experiences which can be united. The main aim is to develop a uniform standard for the provision of accounting services.

The management boards of companies are responsible for the organisation of accounting. However, on what basis should the company’s manager choose the provider of accounting services? Where can the manager get that information from? One of ERPEL’s objectives will be the provision of such information - what the entrepreneur should keep in mind upon choosing an accountant or a provider of accouting services, and what are the possibilities and risks.

As accounting requires extensive knowledge (in addition to accounting also about taxation, commercial law, contract law, employment law etc) and the requirements to employees in accounting firms are much higher (accountant in the accounting firm is also a customer service provider), ERPEL will also organise training based on the needs of accounting firms.

ERPEL’s objectives are to:

  • act as a common body of enterprises that provide accounting services,
  • represent and defend the interests of ERPEL’s members,
  • promote the development of accounting sector in Estonia,
  • help to develop and further conditions that promote the development of accounting services in the society,
  • harmonise and update ERPEL’s members’ good practice for providing accounting services and to ensure thereby the quality of services provided.

ERPEL’s charter members are:

  • ADEX Financial Solutions OÜ
  • AR Tähelend OÜ
  • Assets RMP OÜ
  • Competence Osaühing
  • Ecovis Vesiir OÜ
  • Finance Management OÜ
  • IMG Numeri OÜ
  • Kaupmehe Raamatupidajad OÜ
  • Kermon Hekta Osaühing
  • Osaühing Vallaste ja Partnerid
  • OÜ Eventus EA
  • Rimess OÜ
  • Rödl & Partner OÜ
  • Sunny Finants OÜ
  • Tuokko OÜ