Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry invite all companies to participate in the biggest Estonian entrepreneurship competition Top Estonian Enterprises 2018. The main aim of the entrepreneurship competition is to promote entrepreneurial spirit and recognise the top Estonian companies that can be set as role models for others. 

The entrepreneurship competition combines two competitions: 

  • The Entrepreneurship Award which is organised by the EAS. This competition identifies the companies that have been the most beneficial for the state during the year 2018 in the following five categories: exporter of the year, innovator of the year, foreign investor of the year, design applier of the year, and this year also family business of the year. The aim of the family business category is to recognise successful regional family companies who promote local conditions and wellbeing through their activity.
  • The Competitiveness Ranking which is organised by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This competition draws up the general competitiveness ranking of companies based on their economic indicators. 

All companies are welcome to apply at http://www.ettevotluskonkurss.ee until 3 July 2018. The best companies will be awarded at the festive award ceremony on 4 October 2018.  

The submission form to apply in the category of family businesses can be found at (in Estonian): https://www.eas.ee/ettevotluseauhind/pereettevote-2018/


Source: www.ettevotluskonkurss.ee