Rödl & Partner Attorneys-at-Law began operating in Finland after Heikkilä & Co Helsinki Oy Attorneys-at-Law became part of the Rödl & Partner group. The group’s first office was founded in 1977 in Nuremberg, Germany. The group expanded rapidly following the fall of the Iron Curtain into Eastern Europe followed by Asia, America and other parts of the world. Today, Rödl & Partner is a global player offering not only legal expertise but auditing and other consulting services. Our clients are thus able to take advantage of Rödl & Partner’s international network of experts covering nearly 100 countries and employing over 3500 professionals in their own fields.


The foundation of our operations is adherence to a principle known as One Stop. Our goal is to spare our clients from time-consuming contacts with experts located in different countries and belonging to different fields.  Instead, we enable clients to obtain all of the necessary legal services they need at a single office, irrespective of national borders, by utilizing the seamless transfer of information and legal solutions between our various offices and experts. Legal assistance must be in close proximity to the client in a manner that is easily accessible and in a straightforward fashion when operating both nationally and internationally.


We can rapidly assemble a group of experts to implement a client’s commission; even in large international cases. All of the experts at the various Rödl & Partner offices not only have a wealth of experience but possess the ability to effectively identify each client’s needs and act accordingly. In addition, each expert has a solid relationship with the country of his or her office. This ensures the availability of local knowledge and lends added value to our clients' business operations. Our functional method allows for the effective tackling of legal issues regardless of their complexity.


We consider each client an individual and hold quality, case specific service and teamwork as the cornerstones of our operating model. At our firm, we firmly believe in constant development and learning in order to maintain high standards in the services we provide. Our operating model can benefit not only international but domestic businesses and private individuals as well. This is achieved through combining a pragmatic approach with an in-depth knowledge of the law and its functions.