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Rödl & Partner Attorneys  Ltd

Kalevankatu 6, 3rd floor
00100 Helsinki
Tel +358 (9) 696 222 0

Keskustori 1, (IV floor)
33100 Tampere
Tel +358 10 439 9421


Business id: 2080068-9
VAT number: FI20800689

The coronavirus epidemic and its effects on companies

The effects of the measures taken at the national and international level have affected all businesses. In these circumstances it is important to prepare for the future. In particular, the following should be taken into consideration:

  1. Are there grounds to begin co-operation within undertakings?
  2. Can a situation arise where an employer has the right to stop paying salary after and employee being unable to work for 14 days?
  3. Has the time come to refer to force majeure- clauses within contracts, and how to do this?
  4. Can receivables be effectively collected?

Our operations continue normally despite the epidemic. we abide by all regulation and guidance in force and work primarily from our home offices until such time as recommended to do otherwise. Meetings are conducted via telephone or videoconference.

You can reach us via telephone, email and Skype.

Timo Huhtala    
T: +358 40 503 5312   
E: timo.huhtala‎@‎roedl.com   
(Labor law issues, International questions) 

Tommi Koponen
M +358 40 520 4658
E: tommi.koponen‎@‎roedl.com
(Agreements, disputes, insolvency)