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Many of our clients see Rödl & Partner as an ideal partner for their international growth. We have a history which becomes clear to everybody working with us. We’re proud of what we have achieved as entrepreneurs. We believe this is precisely why many true entrepreneurs like our approach.

Rödl & Partner was founded in 1977 in Nuremberg, Germany, by Bernd Rödl, a German solicitor who later also qualified as a German chartered accountant. Dr Rödl, now 66, is a member of the board of directors and an active leader of the German practice.

The firm became a well-known regional and national practice in Germany, expanding into East Germany when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. We were one of the first West German law and consulting firms to do so. Our first office outside Germany opened in 1989 in Prague, followed by offices in Budapest and Warsaw in 1990 and 1991. Rödl & Partner rapidly expanded across central and eastern Europe. We were the first western law firm in many post-communist countries. Offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Bratislava, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Chisinau, Minsk and other locations followed. Today we have six offices in Poland.

In 1994 Rödl & Partner became the first non-Chinese firm to obtain a license to offer both legal services and accounting services in the People’s Republic of China. Offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou opened, followed by regional offices in Singapore and Jakarta.

Our expansion in western Europe and the Americas began in 1998 when our first office in Italy opened. Today we have three offices in Rome, Milan and Padova. Offices in the US, Spain, France, Brazil, Switzerland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and, in 2008, the UK followed.

Milestones in the development of Rödl & Partner

2008  Rödl & Partner has offices in 25 countries in Europe and 40 worldwide; first office in Africa opens (Johannesburg, South Africa)

2005  First office in Brazil opens

2003  Company presence in the United Arab Emirates developed

2001  Recognised as one of Europe's 500 companies – the 500 fastest growing companies in Europe by Entrepreneurs for Growth

2000  Development of Rödl & Partner USA

1998  The Jakarta office begins the successful development of Rödl & Partner in South East Asia

1996 First office in Russia opens

1994  Development of strong presence in China

1989  Beginning of the development in central and eastern Europe

1977  Firm founded by Dr. Bernd Rödl in Nuremberg, Germany