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Like many other firms, we at Rödl & Partner believe strongly in ploughing back into the community some of the rewards of our success. We feel it is right to share our prosperity, and our duty. Perhaps more valuable than money, we encourage our staff to give their time to help people who need it.

Our branches around the world have all chosen to raise funds for charitable projects. Many are local initiatives by our employees to help their community. A large number of offices choose to help children’s charities or hospices, or secure medical help for the poor in their own and in other countries.

For example, during the conflicts in former Yugoslavia employees collected essential supplies for dispossessed people, drove there, and delivered the aid personally.

As a business, too, Rödl & Partner feels a social responsibility to help the communities in which we work. Our philosophy is to channel help directly to those who need it. We prefer not to write cheques to large charities. Instead we try to give practical help through our own efforts. We want our involvement to be continual rather than an easy, one-off gesture. We feel it is important not to spread efforts too thinly to be of practical benefit. As a result we support a number of projects in depth, and exercise a degree of control that ensures we achieve the benefits we’re looking for.

One of the most important efforts sponsored centrally by the firm involves Kharkiv in the Ukraine. It’s twinned with our home city, Nuremberg. Rödl & Partner supports the Nuremberg Kharkiv Foundation, providing resources and guidance. Through the foundation we helped to set up Nuremberg House in Kharkiv. Among other things, this co-ordinates support for a hospital for children with tuberculosis and supports a soup kitchen for the poor.

Another key effort is the Rödl & Partner Children’s Fund. This worldwide fund collects donations and money raised by employees through a range of fund-raising efforts. These include surplus equipment sales, collections at company gatherings and re-allocating the money firms usually spend on business gifts at Christmas. The fund supports a great many projects for children. At the moment much goes to an orphanage to provide sports and playing equipment and facilities.

Another major project of Rödl & Partner supports an orphanage and a youth training centre in one of the most challenged neighbourhoods of São Paulo, Brazil. Staff members from the Brazilian office collect money to help the work of volunteers in the centre. They also encourage foreign business organisations to give young people from the centre an opportunity to work, through a Rödl & Partner internship programme, leading them away from violence and drugs.

The close involvement of Rödl & Partner ensures that the generosity of our people is put to the greatest effect. We try to give first-hand reports to clients and employees about the projects we support. After all, it is their judgment as to whether we have lived up to our social responsibilities in the communities where we work.