At Rödl & Partner, we believe in a professional development approach based on the expectations of our clients and the personal objectives of each individual member of our global professional community. Rather than shaping people to a uniform standard, we create individual development plans for all our professionals and staff, offering them a personalised training and development programme at national and global level.

In each location, we have defined specific training needs for all our practice areas. In addition, we have designed a unique global training and development programme – the Rödl & Partner Campus. This programme offers a uniform set of training for local professionals based on a two-year curriculum.

Training concentrates on areas which benefit our professionals in broadening their inter-disciplinary understanding and their knowledge about cross-border issues – from European employment law basics for junior professionals joining our global employment law practice to foreign GAAP and international tax planning issues.

The Campus programme is a challenging, demanding exercise which we require all junior professionals joining any of our global locations to go through successfully. It combines lectures and training sessions on campus at our Campus in Nuremberg, Germany, with closely tutored e-learning programmes.

At Rödl & Partner, we believe the Campus is a key element in our ambition to help our professionals around the world share a common understanding of our global clients.