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The aim of any audit is the expression of an opinion about whether the financial statements of a business are fairly presented, in all material respects, in agreement with accounting principles on the countries in which each company is registered. 

Our audit services include tests of the accounting records and other procedures that we consider necessary to enable us to express such an opinion.

A priority is to ensure an efficient and effective audit process for your business. Rödl & Partner therefore applies a risk-oriented audit approach. Our audit puts particular emphasis on understanding internal control well enough to plan the audit and to determine the nature, timing, and extent of audit procedures we need to perform.

Our audit methodology and standards are in line with national and international standards. Full compliance with these standards is monitored and enforced by our global board of directors and supporting technical committees at national and international level.

At Rödl & Partner we regularly undergo peer reviews and reviews by professional institutes at national level. On top of these come regular internal reviews within the worldwide audit practice. Quality control and reviews by audit team and/or by audit client are a standard practice within Rödl & Partner around the world.

Quality is based on people not software

We have a unique training programme called The Campus.

We invest heavily in ensuring a common level of quality across all our worldwide offices. The Campus is a global, post-graduate training and qualification programme. It is based on a combination of on-campus training sessions at our European training centre and an e-learning curriculum that is specifically designed for each professional. The programme is permanently monitored by a dedicated team of training officers based at the training centre.

Training goes beyond the common methodology and technical standards applied in all our worldwide audit practices. Every professional working with Rödl & Partner also receives an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of multinational businesses in terms of accounting policies, reporting and consolidation requirements.

All training is tailored to cover the specific needs of worldwide clients. It includes:

  • national and foreign GAAP reporting
  • IFRS reporting
  • independent controls and systems process assurance
  • internal audit
  • regulatory compliance and reporting
  • corporate reporting improvement