Aiva Āva

Associate Partner
Phone: +371 67 33 42 80

Your success as an international business is built on the performance of your key people. They might be in sales offices around the world, often far away from headquarters, or engineers and managers engaged in complex overseas projects.

It’s critical that your people can rely on receiving their remuneration and benefits, with all obligations to the tax authorities and social security institutions taken care of.

At the same time, efficient HR management processes offer transparency and access to important administrative levers of your overseas business. To us, from a business process point of view, people management means more than payroll operation. It is a key pillar in the structure of an efficient global business.

Our people management services often include:

  • setting up and maintaining employee files
  • setting up and operating payroll systems
  • calculating and paying social security contributions and withholding tax, PAYE and other contributions at local, regional and national levels
  • capturing and reviewing travel expenses
  • calculating commission fees and other variables
  • payment processing
  • people analyses, efficiency reviews