Liliane Preusser

Branch manager
Phone: +48 32 330 12 00

The history of Rödl & Partner dates back to 1977 when it started in Nuremberg. Today, we are present in all major business centres around the world. We provide professional services in the area of audit, consulting, finance and payroll accounting, law and taxes, as well as HR consulting. We owe our dynamic growth to over 4 700 employees oriented towards the needs of enterprises. They are the ones who, in close consultation with the clients, prepare information underlying all key decisions – often on international scale – which are then implemented with joint efforts.

25 years in Poland

Rödl & Partner has been present in Poland ever since 1992. With 25 years of advisory experience we know the specific requirements and opportunities of the local market inside out. During this time, we have built our vast experience and earned the opinion of the leading adviser on foreign investments. Thanks to our dynamic development we are an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon consulting companies of the so-called Big Four.

Our success is defined by the success of our clients.

Rödl & Partner’s philosophy and approach to the clients are exceptional: we always focus on our client. We also believe that the needs of our clients must not be split into particular disciplines. Therefore, we apply an interdisciplinary approach based on the balanced distribution of competences among individual departments which are then combined into interdisciplinary teams. We talk with our clients like with partners, listening to their needs. That is why we understand the interests of our clients, so we can add value to their business. In this way we contribute to their success.

The "one point of contact" approach also distinguishes us from the others. Each client is assigned one contact person who takes care of providing a complete and optimum proposal. That point of contact is always available for the client; recognises the demand for advice and identifies any issues which require clarification. Also any emergency situations are handled by that main contact person.

We look at the enterprises as a whole

Unlike other advisory firms which usually offer services in separate areas, our clients are provided with support of the entire multidisciplinary team. Our advisers from different disciplines get together to examine the current and future needs of our clients, and to find a relevant solution. Then, the person in charge of the client presents and agrees on the further path of collaboration. We act in this way because we think as enterprises and look at firms as a whole. Therefore, our goal is to render comprehensive advisory services which account for all needs of an organisation.

Success has no limits! We advise businesses around the world

In spite of our short history, we have already got 111 offices in 50 countries. We are present wherever clients see the potential for economic engagement, always ready to provide them with our advice and assistance.

Instead of setting up a chain or working on a franchising basis, we rely on an integrated, professional and international co-operation within the close group of employees. In this way Partner & Rödl offers a full range of consultancy services (one-stop shop) for businesses active worldwide.

Unique combination

Rödl & Partner not only hires attorneys, tax and business advisers, and auditors. All those professionals at Rödl & Partner closely co-operate with each other. Taking into account the market requirements and our clients' needs, we form teams oriented toward success and achievement of the clients' goals. We have never claimed that interdisciplinarity of our business and its international nature are unique. What is unique is the connection which is not available elsewhere, that is, the comprehensive consultancy services (one-stop shop) for businesses all over the world.