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Membership in the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Poland)

Almost from the very outset of its activity, Rödl & Partner has accompanied investors from the German-speaking area wherever they see the potential for further business growth. On this map, Poland has taken a prominent position for more than 20 years now, and Rödl & Partner has been invariably regarded by the Polish and German enterprises as a leading adviser in business relations. We not only support investors from German-speaking countries in their ventures into Poland, but more and more often we also assist Polish companies in their expansion into the West, a path that often leads through Germany.

Therefore, the fact that we are a member of the German-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Poland) is quite natural for us. AHK Poland was established in 1995 and is nowtoday the largest bilateral chamber in Poland. It is also one of the 83 German Chambers of Commerce (AHKs) and has been recognised by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (German: Deutscher Industrie-und Handelskammertag, DIHK) and by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. 

The Chamber sets out to facilitate the process of starting a business in both countries, by offering market analyses, providing individual market advice, and helping to find business partners. AHK Poland assists enterprises in establishing branch offices and aspires to be perceived by them as a partner and a guardian in their future ventures. In organising numerous meetings, the Chamber offers associate members an opportunity of developing business connection networks and provides support in business relations between companies on both sides of the Oder River. The AHK Poland's portfolio includes many training opportunities, too.

For further details please contact:
Liliane Preusser

Membership in the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC)

To meet the expectations of the ever increasing group of Scandinavian clients satisfied with the services provided by Rödl & Partner, we have launched the Scandinavian Desk headed by Renata Kabas-Komorniczak. At the same time, Rödl & Partner became a member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). Our membership in SPCC allows us to better fulfil our commitment to meeting the needs of clients in this market and provide them with comprehensive advice.

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) is an association founded by business people with an interest in or associated with Scandinavia. The Chamber has operated in the market since 2004 when it was formed as a combination of four independent business organisations which back then had already had operations in Poland for nearly 10 years. The Danish-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Finnish Chamber of Commerce, the Swedish Business Club and the Norwegian Business Forum have joined the SPCC as national sections.

The Chamber promotes Polish-Scandinavian business relationships and creates new growth opportunities for member companies: both those with operations in Poland and those in Scandinavia. In bringing together top executives of thriving Polish and Scandinavian companies the Chamber creates many opportunities of making valuable business connections through arranging numerous meetings that foster integration and relationship development. Additionally, the SPCC offers direct support to companies that are looking for business partners and information on the Polish and the Scandinavian markets.

The SPCC is one of Poland's largest bilateral chambers and currently brings together more than 350 companies from various industries, including the most significant Scandinavian investors present in Poland. Members of the Chamber include representatives of the most important industries of the Scandinavian countries, such as power industry, construction industry, transport and logistics, telecommunications, chemical industry, timber industry, finance and banking. In addition to Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Polish entities, the Chamber also counts Estonian and Icelandic companies amongst its members.

The Chamber sets out, among other things, to promote the Scandinavian culture and the values associated with Scandinavia, i.e.: fair competition, business transparency, social corporate responsibility and respect for the environment.

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Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Membership in the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

We specialise in working for clients from the German-speaking area, but we are just as well familiar with the international business environment. We always are where our clients are. Ready to advise and assist them. That is why we have joined the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce to offer the comprehensive advice (in one-stop shop formula) to enterprises from the world over.

The chamber was founded in Warsaw in 1998. It currently brings together about 170 members and the majority of Swiss companies present in Poland. Its main goals include networking among member companies, promoting and supporting Polish-Swiss business relationships, and building good image of Swiss investments in Poland and Polish investments in Switzerland.

For further details please contact:
Zofia Kurek

Rödl & Partner joins the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC)

With our expert advice offered in the field of financial audit, legal, tax and accounting we reach lots of foreign companies operating in Poland. And not only those from the German language area. A fair share of our clients includes in fact the companies of Anglo-Saxon origin, highly appreciating the top quality and professionalism so characteristic for Rödl & Partner. To be closer to those clients, we have joined the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) which promotes development of British companies in Poland.

BPCC has existed since 1992. It now gathers almost 400 members who represent about 25% of the total foreign direct investments in Poland. In addition to developing business contacts, the chamber promotes the best practices in the Polish and the British economy and culture. It also actively endorses the corporate social responsibility.

For more information please contact:
Anna Smagowicz-Tokarz

Membership in the French Chamber of Industry & Commerce (CCIFP)

We are expanding our business and developing collaboration with businesses from various language areas. In order to respond to clients needs in the best possible way we have joined the French Chamber of Industry & Commerce (CCIFP).

The French Chamber of Industry & Commerce in Poland is one of the largest and most active bilateral chambers here. It currently gathers 400 entities with French and Polish capital. The Chamber was formed in 1994 on the initiative of the French enterprises operating in Poland.  It supports and advises French businesses in Poland, builds the business contacts, organises thematic meetings and seminars as well as training sessions in professional skills. The chamber also promotes good business practices.

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Rödl & Partner Joins the Polish-Austrian Business Collaboration Initiative (PABCI)

Thanks to the shared central European location and the growing market Poland is a particularly attractive location for Austrian foreign investments. Rödl & Partner's services are especially interesting for Austrian enterprises as they are offered in their native language and are rendered by people who know the Austrian organisational culture. In effect, we have gained enormous experience working with clients from Austria for many years. As the activities of the Polish-Austrian Business Collaboration Initiative perfectly fit the Rödl & Partner's profile, we have decided to join the organisation.

The Polish-Austrian Business Collaboration Initiative drives and supports business relationships and trade exchange among entities operating on the Polish and Austrian markets. It promotes business among the associated enterprises and supports their international expansion. As an organisation gathering enterprises from both countries it seeks to achieve an additional goal of establishing a bilateral Polish-Austrian chamber of commerce in the future. Rödl & Partner will help the PABCI in its pursuits by supporting Austrian enterprises and promoting investing in Poland.

Membership in the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce

As the next step of our expansion Rödl & Partner has joined the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce to take better care of clients from the Spanish-speaking countries. In the effort to fulfil the needs of clients from various language areas and cultures we try to keep growing, gaining new knowledge and experience, and establishing new contacts. All this can be achieved through our membership in this chamber.

The Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce was established in 2000 at the initiative of Polish and Spanish businesses. Its main goal is to support member companies in the development of Polish-Spanish business relationships by e.g. exchanging information about them and searching for business partners in both countries. The chamber provides its members with up-to-date market, finance and business information about export growth and collaboration on multiple levels by means of its website, a newsletter and a brochure regularly issued by the chamber.

Rödl & Partner Joins a Lower Silesian Employers' Association

To meet the needs of our clients, Rödl & Partner has joined "Dolnoslascy Pracodawcy" – the Regional Employers' Association of the Lewiatan Confederation. It is one of the largest such organisations in Lower Silesia. The association was founded in 1992 and currently represents over 150 businesses in the region. The membership in the association lets us receive up-to-date regional business information and participate in various business events held in Lower Silesia (Dolnośląskie Province).

The organisation works together with institutions that strive to ensure favourable conditions for competition and market development. Furthermore, it often gives opinions on or requests amendments and raises objections to laws and regulations, and lobbies by preparing press communications and media releases. 

Rödl & Partner has joined Pracodawcy Pomorza

Due to the dynamic development of our office in Gdansk, Rödl & Partner has established relations with the organisation Pracodawcy Pomorza (Pomeranian Employers). 

Pracodawcy Pomorza is the biggest and oldest employers' organisation in Pomerania and was established in 1991 under the name of Gdański Związek Pracodawców (Gdańsk Union of Employers). It brings together almost 1000 enterprises of various business profiles – from micro enterprises to large corporations – from all sorts of branches. Also schools, universities and cultural institutions belong to it. The organisation's mission is to support the dynamic and long-term economic development of the region and its members, protection of the employers' interests, their representation before legislative and executive authorities as well as institutions which supervise and control enterprises.

Pracodawcy Pomorza is a representative organisation which means that it can influence legislative work directly and is able to actively apply for EU funds, which it does. The organisation acts as a leader and partner of projects which contribute to the development of the social dialogue and the entrepreneurial spirit within the region. It is also member of the Lewiatan Confederation.

Rödl & Partner partnering with the Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany

The Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany (Osteuropaverein der deutschen Wirtschaft) has offices in Berlin and Hamburg. The organisation actively promotes the mutual exchange of experience among German enterprises and 29 partner countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus.

The Association brings together over 260 companies, including international corporations as well as specialist small and medium-sized enterprises. They can count on consultancy services, exchange of know-how and support in networking. As part of the activities conduced for its members the Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany organises several dozen events a year, including "Economy Conference – Eastern Europe", visits to the partner countries, roundtables of experts and seminars. It also releases numerous publications ( 

Rödl & Partner is an active member and partner of the Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany. The Association is presided over by Dr Marcus Felsner, Managing Partner at Rödl & Partner. 

Active involvement in Stowarzyszenie Polsko-Niemieckie Koło Gospodarcze (Polish-German Business Centre Association)

Stowarzyszenie Polsko-Niemieckie Koło Gospodarcze (Polish-German Business Centre Association) in Poznan developed from the German Business Centre established at the beginning of the 90s as an informal gathering of German investors in Poznan. Since its foundation, the Centre has aimed at sharing business experience and establishing contacts with local authorities and institutions. On the eve of the Polish accession to the European Union, the Business Centre’s activity was formalised, and since then it has been operating as an association. The founding convention of the Polish-German Business Centre Association was held on 13 January 2004. Its members, apart from Rödl & Partner branch in Poznan, include European companies operating in Wielkopolska region, mainly of Polish and German share capital, as well as representatives of local institutions and associations. The operations are organised by the Polish-German Office of Angelika Menze Sp. z o.o., whereas Rödl & Partner, provided legal and tax consultancy to establish the Association. Activities of the Polish-German Business Centre Association in Poznan and Wielkopolska region aim at encouraging potential investors from Germany. 

Detailed information on the Association’s activities are available at the website: DWK Poznań

Membership in Deutsch-Polnische Juristen-Vereinigung (German-Polish Lawyers’ Association)

Deutsch-Polnische Juristen-Vereinigung (DPJV), with its registered office in Berlin, was founded in 1990. Its main objectives are to spread the knowledge of the Polish, German and European legal regulations and promote good relationships between Polish and German lawyers. DPJV is one of the most active bilateral legal associations in Europe. Over two-third of some 600 members are active professionals. 75% of them are Germany-based, whereas 25% of them come from Poland. DPJV organises seminars, conferences, professional conventions as regards almost all areas of law. DPJV runs also a meeting forum for Polish and German lawyers who seek to establish professional and private contacts. The exchange programme for legal interns and assistants, supervised by DPJV, offers several-month work at law firms, organisations and institutions in either country, and thus allows the young generation to gain experience in the legal profession, learn about the law of the given country and get acquainted with the legal language as well as distinctiveness of the given country and people. DPJV regularly publishes Deutsch-Polnische Juristen-Zeitung (German-Polish Legal Journal), which contains articles on the issues of the Polish, German as well as European law, judgements, as well as on the applied law. 

Detailed information on the association’s activities is available at the website: DPJV