Liliane Preusser

Branch manager
Phone: +48 32 330 12 00

Rödl & Partner was founded in 1977 in Nuremberg by Dr. Bernd Rödl, a German attorney who in pursuit of meeting the clients' needs  also earned the title of a certified public auditor and a certified tax adviser. After the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the firm expanded its operations into East Germany. We were one of the first West German consulting firms to take this step. Soon thereafter, we opened our first office outside of Germany – namely in Prague, and later in Budapest and Warsaw. Offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Bratislava, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Chisinau, Minsk and other Central and Eastern European locations followed. In a number of post-communist states we were the first German professional services firm.

In 1994 Rödl & Partner was first again – this time to obtain a licence for providing services in the People's Republic of China. Soon we opened offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou, followed by Singapore and Jakarta. After this success series it became obvious to us that we need to be always where our clients are. That is why, with the opening of our first office in Italy in 1998 we started to strengthen our position in Western Europe. Soon followed the offices in Spain, France, Switzerland, and in 2008 an office in the UK was opened. At the same time we started our worldwide expansion with offices opening, among others, in the USA, Brazil, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Mexico and in 2013 in Malaysia. From a local law firm we grew into a global consulting group.

We now have six offices in Poland. Our business in Poland focuses on comprehensive advisory services for foreign investors and domestic enterprises. The services include audit of financial statements, financial and payroll accounting as well as tax, legal, and personnel-related consultancy Rödl & Partner stands out with its highly-qualified team of professionals fluent in German and English.


2018 Rödl & Partner opens new offices in Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) and Austria (Linz).

2017 25. years in Poland!

2016  Rödl & Partner continues to grow and is now active at 106 locations in 49 countries

2015  Rödl & Partner opens its 100th office in Bielefeld

2014  First offices open in Ethiopia, Kenya and Myanmar

2013  First offices open in Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Finland

2011 Office in Mexico opens.

2010 Office in Kazakhstan is established.

2009 Office in São Paulo receives the Seal of Quality for Rödl & Partner's services in the area of audit, tax advice and business process outsourcing.

2008 Offices in Vietnam and South Africa open.

2005 Rödl & Partner expands its business into South America opening its first office in Brazil. "Rödl Campus", the new head office, is opened in Nuremberg.

2003 Office in the United Arab Emirates opens.

2002 Rödl & Partner is ranked among "Bayern's Best 50" – top 50 growth enterprises in Bavaria.

2001 Rödl & Partner  is recognised by "Europe's 500" as one of Europe’s top growth companies.

2000 Expansion into the American market.

1998 Offices in South-East Asia open. Accreditation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

1994 Rödl & Partner  is the first German professional services firm to obtain a business licence in the People's Republic of China and builds a strong presence there.

1992 Expansion into Polish and Russian markets.

1989 Expansion abroad: Prague becomes the first foothold in Central and Eastern Europe.

1977 Dr. Bernd Rödl establishes Rödl & Partner in Nuremberg.