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The New Investment Support Act of 10 May 2018 was signed by the President on 2 July 2018. Thus, the work on the new act which is entering into force in June has been completed. If you are planning any new investments, we encourage you to register and evaluate the chances for obtaining an income tax exemption. The new rules apply to all businesses, including those which are already operating in special economic zones in Poland.


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When: September 2018, 10:00
Where: Wroclaw, ul. św. Mikołaja 19 (Rödl & Partner Office)

• New regulations on SEZs and the function of the Zone Administrator
• Investing in the SEZ – practical considerations
o Conditions for obtaining a decision on the state aid:
 Requirements concerning minimum capital expenditures
 Qualitative criteria
 Quantitative criteria
 External factors shaping the CAPEX requirements for enterprises
o State aid available to enterprises
• Lease of commercial space and the state aid in the SEZ – case studies
• Panel discussion: "New SEZ laws – top or flop"
• Lunch and networking

The event will be held in Polish. 


The participation fee is PLN 200 + 23% VAT per person or PLN 100 + 23% VAT per person. 

You have to receive an e-mail confirmation to participate. With respect to persons who are not Rödl & Partner clients the organiser reserves the right to accept selected applications only and to refuse registration without giving reasons (especially to enterprises pursuing business activity competitive with the organiser).

The meeting will be conducted in Polish.

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