Tomasz Pleśniak

Attorney at law (Poland)
Senior Associate
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The GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) enters into force as soon as 25 May. All Polish enterprises that process personal data of their employees and business partners must observe it. Any defaults will be punishable with high fines.

During our meeting we are going to answer the question of needs to be done and what the implications for Polish businesses are. We are going to discuss the new supervisory institutions and functions (such as DPO) and show you the best course of action. Last but not least, we are also going to devote some time to the correct auditing of the existing personal data processing policies in companies.

If you are interested in more details on this topic, you are welcome to join our training seminar: GDPR – two weeks to go

The training will be held in Polish on 11 May 2018 in Rödl & Partner's Wroclaw office at ul. Św. Mikołaja 19 (Nicolas Business Center).

The participation fee is PLN 200 + 23% VAT per person or PLN 100 + 23% VAT per person. 

Please register until 9 May 2018 by sending an e-mail to ewa.zapolna@roedl.pro

You have to receive a confirmation e-mail to participate

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