Joanna Jurasz

Attorney at law (Poland)
Associate Partner
Phone: +48 61 624 49 31

In the business context, Compliance means a set of rules designed to ensure that operations comply with laws, in-house regulations and the accepted standards of conduct. By following Compliance regulations companies want to make sure they operate within laws and accepted standards to avoid financial losses or damage to reputation. Modern businesses need tools and procedures to prevent behaviour which violates laws or in-house regulations. They will help to minimise the risk involved in running a business in a maze of legal regulations and the resulting obligations, and to exclude liability of individuals – management board members – for any conduct outside laws or standards of conduct.

Articles in this section will tell you how to develop, implement and apply procedures to ensure compliance with laws, in-house regulations and accepted standards of conduct. We also bring you up to date with the Polish lawmakers' plans in this area.

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