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We would like to inform you about the possibility to obtain additional funding from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for projects aimed at improving the work safety and health at your work establishment.

ZUS performs tasks in the field of accident prevention and, therefore, provides additional funding for measures which aim to keep a person's ability to work during the whole period of their professional activity. The Programme is implemented under Article 37(2)(1) of the Act on Insurance against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases of 30 October 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1242 as amended). As a consequence, enterprises may apply for additional funds which consist in the reimbursement of expenses incurred to improve safety at work.

The financing applies to three kinds of projects – investments (which will refer especially to technical safety), advisory projects (to improve occupational safety and health management), as well as investment and advisory projects (combining the two types).

The Programme is intended for all payers of accident insurance contributions but the aid level has been differentiated according to the entity's size. It varies from 20% to even 90% of the project value and depends on the number of persons for which the accident insurance contribution is paid. Large enterprises may obtain funding amounting to 20% of the project's budget. In the case of small and medium-sized enterprises the aid level is definitely higher and varies from 90% to 60%. The maximum amount of aid for projects has been laid down and ranges from PLN 40,000 to PLN 500,000.

An enterprise should apply for additional funds with its local ZUS branch. There is no deadline for filing the applications and they are reviewed in formal and substantive terms, the latter performed by a specialist in the given project field. Please note that additional funding agreements are signed until the funds earmarked for the Programme implementation for a given year are exhausted. As the Programme is very popular, this year no funds are available anymore. Applications may be filed, but financing further applications with a positive specialist evaluation will not be possible until next year. 

If you plan to introduce measures to improve work safety and health at your work establishment, we recommend that you analyse your possibilities in detail. Moreover, please note that only activities performed after the contract between the enterprise and ZUS has been signed may be subject to the additional funding (the Programme does not provide for the reimbursement of expenses borne before).

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