2019 is yet another year full of legislative changes affecting business in Poland. The knowledge of new regulations, as well as opportunities and challenges they bring, is key for the growth and security of enterprises.
To help them understand the new laws and their implications Rödl & Partner's experts have prepared a brochure entitled "10 changes in Polish law to remember when spring cleaning your company".

The brochure will tell you how the changes may affect your business and where to start the spring clean-up in the area of e.g.:

  • employee documentation storage;
  • in-house rules and policies;
  • compliance system;
  • digital security.

The experts discuss the most important steps to take to streamline your operations in the context of the new regulations.
The brochure deals with various disciplines of law surrounding the business thus giving you an all-encompassing overview of the topic.

The brochure is available in Polish language.