Magdalena Ludwiczak

Statutory auditor (Poland)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 61 624 49 43

Therese Baginski

Wirtschaftsprüferin (Polen)
Branch manager
Phone: +48 71 606 00 00

Accounting advice in Poland is a service addressed to those entities which want to improve management efficiency by restructuring their accounting system. The proper organisation of the accounting system to correspond with the processes in an enterprise ensures effective management and smooth adjustment to the ever changing market conditions. Accounting advice in Poland is also popular among enterprises that plan a merger, transformation or split and need a merger plan, a transformation plan or a demerger plan.

By introducing changes based on the examination of accounting processes you achieve uniform accounting standards across the group. In all our actions we take into account the specificity of local accounting regulations. This ensures that all your companies comply with local laws. Additionally, the changes will let you obtain management information faster within the entire group.

In the case of a merger, transformation or demerger in Poland, a correct and reliable merger plan, transformation plan or demerger plan ensures compliance with one of the legal requirements of such transactions. 

Rödl & Partner offers comprehensive solutions to ensure effective organisation and control of accounting processes and, consequently, better management of the company. In providing our accounting advisory services in Poland we work closely with other departments of our firm, especially lawyers and tax advisers. Such an interdisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects and consequences of the changes are accounted for and examined in detail. 

As regards mergers & acquisitions, demergers and transformations, our experience lets us offer competent and professional advice on even the most complex deals. In this area our clients receive full assistance in fulfilling registration requirements of mergers, demergers or transformations with registry courts in Poland.

Rödl & Partner's accounting advice encompasses:

  • analysis of accounting processes and assistance in implementing changes to the accounting system structure, including:
    • support in planning and designing accounting and reporting processes and in selecting the most effective tools
    • verification of the chart of accounts
  • assistance in the direct implementation and in making group accounting and financial reporting standards uniform (national standards, IAS/IFRS, HGB, US GAAP):
    • audit of the accounting standards 
    • assistance in identifying any discrepancies and making group accounting and reporting standards uniform
    • development of the accounting policy according to the standards
  • preparation of merger plans, demerger plans and transformation plans.

Rödl & Partner has been offering accounting advisory services since the firm's beginnings, and we have been present in Poland for 25 years.