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Statutory auditor (Poland)
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Wirtschaftsprüferin (Polen)
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Sale and purchase of businesses or some organised part thereof entail both opportunities and risks. The purchaser is often short of sufficient knowledge on the economic standing of the company concerned. However, in order to determine the price on your own, or to have third parties to provide for financing, or to obtain an intended position in the future and provide for enterprise integration, it is necessary to gain thorough knowledge of a given company.

Due Diligence lets you obtain such knowledge and is, therefore, fundamental for a successful transaction.

Using our services you benefit not only as a potential purchaser. Our advisory services enable also the sellers to reap benefits in the course of the transaction.

Our experts well experienced in such transactions offer you high quality advice in all material issues, prepare necessary information which is relevant for all recipients and thus help you save lots of time. As a result, we establish a solid ground for you, i.e. purchasers and sellers, to succeed in negotiations.

Our special strengths in transaction-related consulting

Each transaction is different. In addition to our standards, we consider the individual, exact situation of a given company and conditions of the very transaction as main determinants of success of your business. This applies equally to institutional as well as strategic investors. With your participation, we determine the relevant scopes of audits, divided, if necessary, into stages, which result in cost and time savings due to the focus on material aspects.

The starting point may often be the so-called “Red Flag Due Diligence”. It is aimed at identifying the so-called dealbreakers.

All our due diligence services are offered on a one-stop-shop basis. We work in inter-disciplinary domestic teams (dealing with financial, tax or legal aspects) as well as in co-operation with our branches in other countries. Our Due Diligence projects are always managed by an experienced professional who is, at the same time, your assigned contact person.

In all types of analyses we concentrate on gathering information relevant from the transaction perspective and required for valuation of a business, negotiations of purchase agreements, especially of the price under the purchase agreement, analysing financial issues, and also in allocation of the purchase price or potential integration. Our valuations, based on the performed analyses, always perfectly customized to your needs, result in individually-tailored scopes of engagement, which range from analysis of individual constituent aspects to comprehensive projects.

We offer our Due Diligence services in the following areas:



Financial Due Diligence

A thorough Financial Due Diligence typically involves the following:

  • identification of significant success factors for future development, especially an analysis of turnover and performance-related determinants as well as an analysis of cost-generating elements,
  • determination of the standardised operational results (EBIT/EBITDA) by eliminating extraordinary events,
  • determination of the standardised working capital, cash flow statement etc.,
  • audit of financing structures and identification of debts and outstanding items,
  • critical analysis of the financial forecast and determination of plans accordingly.

At your request we can determine the indicative value of an enterprise drawing on the Due Diligence results.