Joanna Jurasz

Attorney at law (Poland)
Associate Partner
Phone: +48 61 624 49 31

The term "Corporate Compliance" covers the overall measures undertaken to ensure that all operations of a given company, along with those of its management, supervisory bodies and its employees, comply with the law.

Management and supervisory bodies are obliged to ensure due and lawful operation of an enterprise. Consequently, corporate compliance measures are considered one of their key legal duties. In case the management or supervisory body fails to implement a corporate compliance system in a company, such a failure itself constitutes a breach of the obligation to exercise due care, which may in turn establish the grounds for the company to claim against the management or supervisory body.

Rödl & Partner has developed a risk management system under corporate compliance which provides for limitations in liability of management and supervisory authorities.

Corporate compliance measures implemented in a given company are tailored to its situation and the risk it is exposed to. The risk management system based on corporate compliance, developed by Rödl & Partner, accounts for legal, tax and economic aspects of the business for utmost minimising and prevention of risks within a company.